I consider my organization service an absolute investment, for my home office. It has saved me time and the hassle, of getting my client files in order. I even have space to interview my clients at home. My daily work life is so much easier. Thank you Jade Atelier Services.


I had a great time with you at my 4- hour Style session. You taught me a lot! You have valuable knowledge of fashion and style. You chose clothes that complimented my figure and age so well. I am looking forward to my new wardrobe. I now have the knowledge and confidence to be able to go through my clothes and clear out the ones that don’t suit me.


I have to say that this is a service that anyone needs to book, if you need some order in your home. Jade organized my apartment that was fit for my small space. I now have a designated office space and space to entertain my guest. She help create storage space for all the extra dishes I was looking to get rid of. You definitely get your money's worth for the time allocated for their services. Thank you Jade!


What a great shopping experience! I have to let you know I received so many compliments at work, about my new look. I never knew that working with you would give me this type of outlook on my life. Thank You!


A wonderful service that I can’t recommend highly enough. Thank you for the professional services for my storefront. I didn't think I needed much help with merchandising but after the plans you executed for my store, it has made a major impact. My customers buys so much more because they can see all the products we sell. Thank you for your services.

-Billie, Business Name witheld by request

I would recommend Jade Atelier & Associates Services to anyone who wants to get their life organized. Jade and her staff was very helpful, and knowledgeable when it came to organizing my home. By the end of the 8-Hour session I booked, my kitchen, my closet, and office was immaculate. They figured out a organization plan that worked for me and my kids. She gave me options that I didn't think I had in my home. Thank for your services, I can't wait to tackle my garage with you next.


From the bottom of my heart. Thank you, Jade! I cannot think of the right words to express my appreciation! For the number of items purchased I thought the amount spent on my budget, especially with the discounts, was very reasonable. I love my new wardrobe! The clothes make me feel better than I have felt about myself in a long time. The tips you gave me about what sort of clothing I should buy for my body shape helps me so much. And to think that never again will I have a “I’ve got nothing to wear” moment. Thank you for your honest and straightforward approach, your help, your time and patience. You provide a wonderful service!


I never thought I would fall in love with something as simple as a closet, but Jade has made that happen. Everything finally has a place down to work clothes on one side and casuals on another. I can walk in and find exactly what I am looking for within seconds. Jade you have made getting dressed so much easier, and fun. I am more confident when putting together looks, with all the style tips you gave me to fit my personality. My girlfriend can't wait to book your services to tackle her closet.


I couldn’t be happier with my new wardrobe. Your knowledge and understanding of body shapes and sizes is spot on. You gave me some great advice that I can follow everyday. I can’t wait to do it again!